Privacy Policy


Twittrend (the "Service") will use your personal information in accordance with the following definitions in order to respect the privacy of all users of the Service ("Users"). We will work on proper handling.

■ Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to the name, e-mail address, and other information that can identify the individual user obtained from the user through the Service. The personal information to be collected is limited to the information that the user registers with this service.

■ Purpose of use of personal information

This service can use the personal information of the user for the following purposes.

  • To provide this service and other information related to this service
  • To confirm the identity of the user
  • Notification of necessary items for the operation of this service (including by e-mail)
  • Advertising or promotion of products, etc. of the Company and third parties (including those by e-mail)
  • Send e-mail magazines that this service is useful to users
  • Creation and use of statistical information on this service to the extent that individuals cannot be identified
  • Analysis and analysis of data required for new development of this service
  • Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations based on contracts and laws
  • For after-sales service and various inquiries
  • To charge usage fees to users who use paid services
  • To prevent use in a manner that violates the terms of use

■ About sharing and use of personal information

Except as specified below, the Service does not use or share personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use without the prior consent of the user.

  • When permitted by law
  • With the consent of the users
  • Necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user
  • When a court, public prosecutor's office, police, tax office, bar association, or an agency with similar authority requests disclosure of personal information.
  • To disclose to the person who succeeds the business at the time of business succession due to merger, business transfer or other reasons

■ About the security management of personal information

In this service, appropriate supervision of personal information is performed so that leakage or damage of personal information is prevented and other personal information is safely managed. In this service, only authorized persons will handle personal information within the scope necessary for business execution. When outsourcing the handling of personal information, we will conclude a confidentiality agreement and supervise the outsourcing company.

■ Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

This service responds to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of third-party provision, and notification of the purpose of use of personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations. If the request cannot be verified or does not meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Law, we may not be able to meet your request. In addition, information other than personal information such as access logs will not be disclosed in principle.

■ About cookies and access logs

This service stores and uses cookies, access analysis, statistical data, etc. to enhance the convenience of this service. We may also use cookies, JavaScript, and other technologies to obtain the user's activity history. They do not contain personal information.

■ Disclaimer

In the following cases, this service is not responsible for the acquisition of personal information by third parties.

  • When the user reveals personal information to a third party using the function of this service or another means
  • When an individual has been identified by the information entered by the user on the Service
  • When a third party acquires personal information outside of this site (including other sites linked from this site)
  • When information other than the member himself / herself can identify the member (ID, password, etc.)

■ About updating the privacy policy

In order to protect personal information, this service may revise this privacy policy as laws and regulations change and as necessary. In that case, the latest privacy policy will be posted on this service. Please check this page each time and understand the privacy policy of this service.

■ Privacy Policy Inquiries

For inquiries regarding the privacy policy of this service, please contact the following.